DiscoverGolf has been called a “radical approach” to junior golf.  “DG” IS radical compared to traditional means of instruction that have kids listen to “how it works” and wait their turn to hit.  In a DiscoverGolf class, juniors of all ages, backgrounds, skill levels and motivation will be invited to jump club first into a kaleidoscope of custom made games and play installations to entice engaged attention to club – ball – target. DiscoverGolf believes the truest fundamental is ATTENTION.

If a child CARES about the outcome of the shot, fertile ground is created.  “Just in time” coaching can reach a body and mind thirsty for improvement.  The “radical” notion that DG has: the vast majority of kids would rather race, collaborate, interact and compete against game systems (with culturally relevant themes) than to be told what’s wrong with their swing while trying to make a par.  What sounds like more FUN? Playing a mega 8-player race game to earn the right to spin a record that earns you songs from the Billboard Top 10 or a chipping drill? Not only does DG’s “Off the Charts” race game require active and exuberant application of the golf club, it captures the principles of motor learning (random practice vs. block constraints led approach) but it also creates an environment where juniors learn more than just golf. Radical or not, that is DiscoverGolf.

See The Why of DiscoverGolf for an in-depth analysis of the research that supports DiscoverGolf’s approach.

DiscoverGolf and its Founder, Richard Franklin, now head of junior golf development at Winnetka Golf Club, have run all junior golf programming at Deerpath Golf Course (Lake Forest, IL)  for the last 18 years.  Richard Franklin is a (2) time Golf Digest Top Young Instructor, a Golf Digest “Best in State” instructor and is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in junior golf development.  His programs are featured at over 400 facilities on five continents. Richard and the DG game engineer team created fan activations at the 2022 NV5 Korn Ferry Tour Event as well as the 2022 LPGA Portland Classic – work that garnered them runner up “Best Fan Experience” for the entire LPGA season.

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